September 18, 2018

The Toddler Community is off to a great start as we welcome the month of September and begin our regular schedules in the classroom. The children are exploring, repeating activities, developing and practicing new skills daily. Exploration, repetition, and order are just a few of our natural human tendencies that are basic qualities of all humans. Young children need to be able to use their natural tendencies in order to adapt and construct themselves. In order for children to accomplish their natural tendencies successfully they need safe environments in which to explore. For the young child, order allows the child to create him/herself and orient him/herself to all the information that is being absorbed. For the young child external order creates internal order. Montessori said, “Education is an aid to life.” Everything in the classroom is designed to aid and support the child in his/her natural growth and development using their natural desire to explore and discover.

Over the next several weeks the children will become more and more familiar with our basic routines of transitioning to school, serving snack, pouring a drink, toileting and exploring materials.  It really is a busy room in the best of ways!