The Montessori School of Central Vermont was founded in 1999 by Claudia and Michael Bagiackas, a sibling Montessori team with a deep understanding and respect for Montessori Education.

Claudia and Michael both received their Montessori training in the late 1970’s in Italy.  After re-locating to Vermont, Claudia realized that the Central Vermont community was lacking a huge asset:  Montessori education for her grandchildren. Claudia and Michael set to work and established the Center School Montessori, the first Montessori School in central Vermont at the historic Center School Road schoolhouse in the fall of 1999.  Claudia and Michael understood the benefit a Montessori education could have, not only for their grandchildren but for the community at large.  A methodology focusing on enhancing cooperation, independence and Peace Education at an early age seemed to be what traditional schools were lacking.  The good word was spread throughout the community and a sweet little classroom of six students, ages 3-5 began.

Over the course of the next six years the one room schoolhouse expanded to a size of 20 students ages 3-6.  The parent community, largely new to Montessori, began to understand the impact this little schoolhouse was having on their child and their families.  A general respect for one another, between child and adult, as well as an understanding that the children learned at their own pace began to take root in the community.  The greater Central Vermont community began to catch wind of this wonderful ‘Children’s House’ and a waiting list quickly grew. 

Claudia, Michael and the Board of Trustees recognized the need for expanding their organization to serve more children and families.  In 2005 a second Children’s House was established in Montpelier.  The morning only program for 3 and 4 year olds was the beginning of further growth.  In 2006 the Montessori School of Central Vermont (MSCVT) was established serving close to 50 families between two sites and three classrooms.

Today MSCVT continues to serve the children in the surrounding towns of central Vermont; families from Northfield to Hyde Park have committed to Montessori education because of the benefits the philosophy provides for their children. The community of children has grown to include children in the Toddler and Elementary years (ages 18 months to age12), while continuing to provide quality early childhood education for 3-6 year olds.   In addition to their programs for children, MSCVT provides parent education on theory, practice and materials of the Montessori environment.