October 30, 2018

The children continue to amaze me everyday! They are gaining more independence in our regular routines and grow each day. We have been singing our t-shirt song, along with a good morning song, Wheels On the Bus, 5 Little Ducks and more. We sing songs in repetition so the children have a chance to participate and learn the rhythm and words. In October we will also explore some Fall themes with leaves and pumpkins. We will not do anything specific for Halloween in the traditional sense but will do several projects around the Fall season. Please DO NOT send in any costumes or candy from the Halloween festivities.

We have been doing some cooking projects such as making applesauce, peeling eggs, and baking zucchini bread and plan to do a lot more with food preparations in the weeks to come (pizza and pretzels to name a few).  Food is one of life’s basic needs. Food is not just important for survival, but in human cultures food encompasses relationships, beauty and community. Sharing food is an important part of life. Because food is such an important part of life for all ages as educators we must look for the components of food that can be used in education. As soon as we can involve the child there is a moment for education.

The classroom can provide food preparation and experiences in the context of sensorial education and experiences through practical life activities. Children need to have the opportunity to participate as much as possible and help with the food preparation in order for them to have knowledge of the food. The more they are involved in the process the more likely they will be to eat the foods available. Actions that are related to foods connect to sensorial experiences: taste, smell, sound, texture. All these sensorial experiences are opportunities to learn and have a positive influence on digestion. When a child is involved in the preparation of the food and experiences the foods they are in the right frame of mind for eating as well.

Just like in the classroom there are many ways to involve children with food and food preparation at home. Consider having some of the following available for your child at home: child-sized dishes and cooking tools, a few child-sized dishes available for your child to reach independently, small sponge or towel to wipe spills, a stool to reach counter or sink, and small broom and/or dust pan to clean with.

I enjoyed touching base with you all at our Family Conference.