October 30, 2018

We often get questions about Vermont's Early Learning Standards (VELS) and how these standards apply to the primary Montessori curriculum for children aged 3-6. The VELS were designed to be a tool for parents, educators, administrators and policy makers related to the development and education of children aged birth to grade three. The VELS are organized into nine domains that are presented across three sections:
I. Developing Self: Approaches to Learning, Social-Emotional Development, Growing, Moving, and Being Healthy
II. Communication and Expression: Language Development, Literacy Development, Creative Arts & Expression
III. Learning about the World: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies

In addition, each domain has several elements and goals varying for the age of the child. VELS and Montessori is a rich discussion that Hailey, Minori, and I will begin to explore for preschool- and Kindergarten-aged children in upcoming blog entries. We will each focus on a different aspect of the VELS each month and relate them to the Montessori curriculum. Stay tuned!