May 10, 2018

While in the past April has marked the seasonal passage into expansion, elongation, and outdoor exploration, it seems that May will mark this time for us now. With Nature’s consistent fluctuation Between contraction and expansion it has been challenging for all of us to shift into Spring mode, where we spend more time outside exploring various aspects of biology and botany. It is my hope to follow the weather and get outside as much as possible throughout May. This will employ the children’s ability to be more flexible than usual and also mean they will need more help planning their clothing choices for all types of weather. This is actually an amazing learning opportunity for the children.

What happens when you jump into a puddle with sneakers on and have another hour until your parent picks you up? What happens when you don’t remember to pack that extra layer and the seemingly warm day turns windy?

These are practical life skill opportunities for children to learn these lessons for themselves. It is more meaningful for a child to experience the consequence of jumping in the puddle or wearing a tee shirt in windy weather, than for the adult to tell them the consequence. They must experience it for themselves to KNOW that it is TRUE. The second plane child is always seeking opportunities to discover the truth for himself, and it is our work as adult to provide those opportunities for self-discovery.