December 15, 2017

As weather gets colder (and warmer again and back to cold) please plan to send children in layers so we can be comfortable in the warm classroom and the colder outdoors. Sweatshirt/sweater, coats, hats, mittens and snow pants can be sent daily so we are well prepared for outdoor play. Even without snow on the ground snow pants and winter boots help keep the children dry and warm. All of the children are trying on the toilet at school during diaper changes so loose fitting, easy to pull up and down pants are helpful to provide your child with the most opportunity for independence and success (please try to avoid dresses and onesies).

We are welcoming a new member into our community and we have some children making visits to the Primary classrooms so December and January will be some months of change and transition as we all grow and become ready for new experiences.

Many of the children in the classroom have turned two-years-old or are about to turn two-years-old. Around 2 years of age is the time of Self Affirmation.  At 2 years of age the child peaks in the explosion of language, when the brain advances to the ability to use grammar and syntax. The child is taking another great step in discovering him/herself.  He/She is in the language explosion and now uses “I” instead of “me.” “No” is his/her favorite word because he/she wants choices.

During this time the adult can be prepared by:
•        Offering the child 2 choices. The choices need to both satisfy the adult so no matter which the child chooses it is a win-win scenario: the child gets to make a choice and the choice is something that the adult can live with. For example, 2 choices of clothing for the day, 2 choices of vegetables for dinner, 2 choices of routes to take on an afternoon walk, etc.)
•        Respect the fact that the child needs to make choices and be involved with the family at a new level.
When we offer the child choices we are really offering the child respect. Respect is extremely important to any individual and it goes a long way to how the individual feels psychologically. Providing choices also helps to teach thinking, for making a choice requires thought. Since choices will be offered throughout life, providing them during this time of affirmation also helps to prepare the child for choices later in life.
Of course, the adult must recognize there will be times when there is not a possibility for choice. The adult must have clear, reasonable boundaries to set limits for the child. There are times when a choice is not safe or not appropriate. There are some things that are the responsibility of the adult.  Giving choices within limits provides a positive path to affirmation.

December Holiday Event:
Thursday, December 21 is our community Holiday Program Celebration and Potluck. This celebration is hosted by the Primary and Elementary classes. Although the Toddlers will not be participating in the performance all families are welcome and encouraged to attend this celebration and potluck event. You are invited to come with your child at 8:45am and watch the performance with your child and then enjoy the potluck all together. If you are unable to stay with your child and plan on just dropping your child off for a regular morning please let me know and plan for an 11:30am dismissal time on Dec 21 for all children in Toddler Community. It would be helpful if you could RSVP to me for this event so I can plan accordingly for the classroom. If you plan on attending the celebration and potluck with your child for the morning or if you are unable to attend please let me know.

Thank you to small hands donations:
Songs and Poems for Season Treasury book from Nora and her family.
Cherry pitter from Brennan and his family.
Opposite book and car carrier truck from Julia and her family