April 12, 2018

 As Spring begins the children are all using the toilet (or at least interested in sitting and trying!) at school and enjoying practicing putting on and taking off their own clothing. When shopping for Spring clothing (or looking through the hand-me-down bins) look for clothing that is loose fitting: elastic waist on pants, and wide head openings on shirts. These kinds of clothing are easiest for your child to manage independently. Please keep this in mind and allow your child as much independence at home as well.  This seemingly small task helps the child do it for him/herself, which is the greatest aid to life. Dressing one’s self is one aspect to help foster an “I can do it!” attitude, which in return fosters self-esteem. Self-esteem is the realization that you are worth something, leading to self confidence which in return forms a cycle reinforcing the attitude, “I can do it.”

In the classroom we will continue to prepare food and explore what Spring time has to offer: the return of warmer weather, birds, plants and green is coming!!

 If there are families willing to donate some seeds or to start some starter plants at home to contribute to our garden in the upcoming months we would love to know as we will be starting to think about warmer days and making a plan for our garden and gardening work. We hope to have tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, beans, snow peas, pumpkins, sunflowers and any other favorites families may be willing to share.