Our Curriculum

The Montessori curriculum results from collaboration between adults who are specially trained to recognize and respond to impulses of development and children who spontaneously display those impulses when free to act upon and within a specially prepared environment. The curriculum actually provides a means for studying and understanding the developmental tendencies and conquests that are inherent to human beings.

Audio: Work vs. Play

Montessori recognized the exceptional characteristic of children to make developmental gains with activities that also prepare them for future conquests. The curriculum provides both “direct” and “indirect” aims for its activities so that this characteristic of development is supported and nurtured. Because the children prepare themselves for their own future development by addressing their current needs, the process of development is revealed to be both spontaneous and easy.

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The activities of the Montessori curriculum provide the children with opportunities to become engaged physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. By activating the many facets of the child’s being in the learning process, the “Montessori Materials” serve as the tools that the children use in their self-construction.

Audio: The responsibility of 'guide', or teacher, in a Montessori classroom