A Typical Day

Kristen describes mid-day gathering

The Montessori House of Children is organized to facilitate spontaneous development in children. Because development occurs for each child as an individual, a typical day provides numerous opportunities for the children to choose and complete activities independently. Their work follows their interests.

Social life in the Montessori classroom

Children arrive in the morning and usually participate in social exchanges as they settle in and become engaged in their work. The Montessori approach recognizes a 3-hour work cycle in pre-school aged children. This cycle begins with preliminary, often easy or familiar activities and is followed by a period of “false fatigue": where the energy of the children may seem unfocused or diffuse, and culminates in a period of great work. The organization of the day respects and supports each child’s immersion into this work cycle by guarding the principles of free choice and undisturbed engagement while trusting the child’s innate tendencies to develop. 

A typical day often includes a time for all of the children to gather to share music, ideas, celebrations and other such community interactions. Children participate in outdoor play or activity time in all but the most inclement weather.

The environments meets the needs of children

Toddler Community Daily Schedule

Open Work Cycle – toddlers choosing work that interest them and holds their interest
Snack – a snack that encourages healthy eating and independence
Outdoor time – developing gross motor skills and social skills
Morning dismissal – 11:30am
Lunch – a lunch from home is eaten in a group setting, encouraging independence and social skills
Nap – a calm quiet-time developmentally appropriate for this age
More outdoor time!
Afternoon dismissal – 3-3:15pm

Primary Classroom Daily Schedule

8:20-8:40am Arrival
8:40-11:00am Work Cycle, Individual and Small Group Lessons
11:00-11:15am Morning Gathering
11:20-12:00pm Playground & Noon Dismissal
12:00-1pm Lunch
1-2:30pm Work Cycle, Individual and Small Group Lessons & Naps
2:30-3pm Playground & Dismissal

Elementary Classroom Daily Schedule

8:10-8:20 Arrival
8:20-11:30am Work Cycle, Individual/Group Lessons
11:30-12:00 Gathering
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-2:30 Work cycle, Individual/ Group Lessons and Project Work and Specials
2:30-3pm Playground & Dismissal

**This schedule may vary from day-to-day depending on classroom projects and specials organized through the course of the year.