Our Staff

Kristen Martin is in her second year with MSCVT, currently serving as a primary guide at MMS. She received her elementary training at Seacoast Center in NH and her primary training through the New England Montessori Teacher Education Center in MA and the North American Montessori Center in WA.

Montessori found Jill Iacchei as it does many people-when least expected. Jill left Maryland and the beginning of a career in graphic arts to pursue life “anywhere else.” She moved to beautiful warm sunny San Diego in June 2006, where while seeking employment, she was fortunate enough to stumble upon the Montessori Institute of San Diego and learned of the primary training beginning in the Fall. Without hesitation, she enrolled. Following her training in San Diego, Jill returned to Maryland to earn a Masters of Education through Loyola College

Wanting to gain some experience before taking her own classroom, Jill was looking for an intern-type position at the same time the Montessori School of Central Vermont was looking for an intern-type. Jill begins her first year with the Montessori School of Central Vermont for the 2007-08 school year.

Jill spends much of her free time in swimming and pursuing her own interests in the arts in the form of handmade books, paper, pottery, murals and what ever else she can get her hands into.